Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Unintentional Math

ignore the overgrown garden, our gardner was a no show while we were out of the country
This weekend the boys decided to invent a game with those nifty air filled outdoor balls. I was going to refer to them as beach balls, but they aren't really. Anyway, what the balls are called isn't the point! I'm not entirely sure what the game was all about because I was busy making mad dashes between the washer & the laundry line, assisting getting the garden back in shape, & attempting to conquer the bug issue we've been battling since we got back from the US.

What I do now is that during one of my trips to the laundry line I discovered a giant target drawn on the side of the house with chalk. It's only chalk so I didn't really care about it, I just made a mental note to have the boys wash it off when they were done. On my next trip outside I found all these numbers all over outside on the back sidewalk! My first response was, "good grief, they'll need to wash this up too!"

Then on a bit of a closer inspection I had myself a bit of a laugh. We have one child who's all about math. If it involves numbers & working out a problem he's all for it. The more the merrier, the more complex the happier he is. The sight of parentheses in his math work excites him, I'm not joking around here, he's actually squealed with delight about it before!

Then we have another child who'd be a much happier person if I'd agree to let him skip math for the rest of his educational years. He has no idea that when he's playing card games & counts up his points at the end he's using math. Or that when he counts his money to see if he's saved enough that he's using math. He hasn't put it together yet that when he's helping cook in the kitchen, or keeping an eye on the clock for computer time, or, or, or.. that he's doing math.

So when I found this long string of numbers outback it cracked me up. I could easily tell that out math lover had written the numbers down. Most likely to keep track of scores at first, but from the excess circled & rearranged numbers, I'm pretty sure our math hater was pointing out a few things himself.

Just wait until they play their newest card game, the one where the object of the game is to calculate an exact number to free the queens in order to win.. I mean, that's not math or anything either, is it?

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