Wednesday, October 3, 2012


We've been sitting on a little secret here for a few weeks now. We're currently traveling overseas to go visit my mom & grab some closure on the loss of my dad. It took us a while to pinpoint some dates that worked with a crazy wild project Mr S has been working on at work, & by the time we finally pin pointed some dates we decided to keep right on sitting on the secret.

What's better then showing up to visit family when they are in desperate need of some extra love? Showing up totally unexpected! By the time you see this we should be safe & sound in the states sitting in the very living room I grew up in while my children are either lamenting about the amount of time it took to get to Gram's house or laughing their little behinds off at the photos of me hanging on the wall.

When I took the photo of that particular suitcase it was only filled with items we were taking with us to leave there. Goodies to give to friends & family, school curriculum we're done with & passing onwards. Birthday presents that we hadn't mailed yet, & so on. It'll come back filled up with school curriculum for next year, dirty clothes, & if Jayden has anything to do with it our former family dog who is now spoiled rotten at Mom's.

You may or may not see anything happening in this space over the next couple of weeks as we take the time to simply be, to love, to cry, & to remember.

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Sheryl said...

Enjoy your visit Kendra! You are in our prayers.