Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Story Of A Sandwich

When Morgan was 4 or 5 his little soccer team had a Dress-up/Halloween party. We'd never celebrated Halloween, but Morgan was really keen to dress up. My kids still love dressing up. Morgan was looking at a Family Fun magazine way back then & spotted a Ham Sandwich costume that just struck his fancy. When his coach asked him what he was dressing up as, my child didn't miss a beat, "A ham sandwich, & I'm even wearing a pickle for a hat!'

His coach smiled, but cocked an eyebrow at us. At this point, he was totally use to our child being strange. After all our child was the one who screamed out, "look guys a caterpillar!" & had two teams of kids inspecting the creature while the ref & coaches were trying to get the game going again. When his coach was assigning positions one Saturday he asked if everyone remembered what to do, our child says, "Yeah, but mostly I think it's cool I can see my reflection in your sun glasses." I guess the ham sandwich thing really confused him, because after practice he asked if Morgan was really going to be a ham sandwich. We told him yes.

Morgan was indeed a ham sandwich that year. It was such a simple costume. Just foam all glued together. We spray painted the edge brown for a crust & took a circular piece of foam & painted it green like a pickle for a hat. It even had a thin dowel sticking out of it for the toothpick. Morgan was incredibly proud of his silly costume. He wore it to our MOM group one week too & they gave him a silly price for it because they loved it so much.

Needless to say Morgan has spoken about this crazy costume for years. On occasion my kids have asked Gram if she still has the costume. The first morning we were there Jayden asked for the costume, & out of the closet it came. The circle on the front is where the pickle hat was stored for a while. Not sure exactly whatever became of the hat, but no one really cared. They just thought it was fun to walk around for a little bit like a sandwich.

That's Jayden, when he was 3 wearing the same costume.. complete with pickle hat. I raided his scrapbook while I was in the US for photos.

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