Thursday, October 25, 2012


One of the things Mr S & I did while we were in the US was go through the stuff we've had packed up in a shed on my parents property for years now. While we got rid of most of the stuff our children had outgrown there were a few things that we will never part with. This puppet theatre is just one of those things. In fact, as soon as the boys saw it they begged us to take inside so they could use it with the new puppets Gram had purchased for them.

Dad built this puppet theater for Morgan one year for Christmas back when Morgan was 3 or 4. That same year he built Jayden a train table with two huge drawers that fit under it. See, some people think their Dad's can build anything, mine really could! This puppet theatre can fold up nice & flat which was a life saver when we lived in a small 2 bedroom apartment.

Every day the boys would beg us to set up the theatre & every night we'd have to close it up so they could reach their beds. The pink blanket is actually hiding the big opening in the front. Mom made some really cool curtains with stars all over them that go there, but for the life of me I could not find them. So the kids were happy to improvise. The rounded window on the side opens up & there's a second on on the other side. Somewhere there's also a green "ledge" that fits in the front window so they can rest their arms on it while they use the puppets.

This puppet theatre has been used as just that for puppets & stuffed animals, but it's also hade many other uses. Morgan has always adored the opening & closing of the windows so he use to make Jayden scoot around on a little ride on train & place "orders" at the windows for a variety of things. When Jayden tired of the game Mommy & Daddy were begged to play it.

While we were there the kids put on a very cute show for all of us & provided us with popcorn & drinks. They gave us money so we could buy tickets from them & everything. They practice their little show until they felt it was absolutely perfect before we were able to view it. Unfortunately I have no photos of the show because our seats were so close to the "stage" I couldn't get any good photos!

The funniest part of the whole show was that while Jayden was a part of it he sat with us & ate popcorn. His job was to yell, "Technical Issues" whenever marionette strings got tangled & the puppeteers had to untangle them. Only, crazy Jayden couldn't remember the word Technical & kept yelling something else. It took us nearly the whole show to figure out what he was suppose to be saying!

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

I love your theatre! Every child should have one of these. Such a co-incidence ... my girls actually bought a small puppet theatre yesterday and I just blogged about it. Spooky stuff ... ;)