Wednesday, October 24, 2012


One evening the boys decided it would be a lot of fun to play with their cousins Littlest Pet Shop toys. So they pulled out a few of the bigger houses to play with. When they asked her where the little animals were she impressed them by hauling out a huge bucket full. Morgan was in such awe he brought the whole bucket out to show me & then wanted to know if I knew exactly how many were in the barrel. Because of course I'd know, right?

The best part was when she informed him that she had more then that & the last time she counted them, a year or more ago, she had 302. The look on Morgan's face was absolutely priceless, so of course I have no photo of it! Instead, I managed to snap a photo of the huge pile of animals they spread out on the den floor. There was also an entire Littlest Pet Shop type village set up too.

They had themselves a grand time until somebody broke the news to them that the den floor space was needed for a bed so people could sleep. While my boys don't collect Littlest Pet Shop, they absolutely love the animals. Jayden's just an animal freak, so anything animal related appeals to him, but Morgan just loves the big funny eyes.

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