Sunday, October 28, 2012

I do

Not only did I grow up in the same house my parents have lived in for the past twenty something years {or more}, I was married there too. In the field pictures on the top left, all though it looked vastly different thirteen years & five days ago. There were a variety of fall flowers all over, a pond full of fish where the burn pile in the center is, & lots &  lots of Christmas/Fairy lights. No, I mean lots of lights. In fact, we had so many lights that until we moved here we never had to buy Christmas lights to decorate with.

My family, on all sides, has never let me forget that I got married on the coldest day of the year. Outside. With no shoes on, in a sleeveless dress. I wasn't cold, but there are many pictures of everyone else well bundled or shivering. The first thing Dad said to me after the ceremony was over was, "Would you please go put some shoes & a coat on now?" In my attempt to do so & retrieve something for a brother-in-law I managed to drop a bottle of Mom's perfume in the toilet. As in, the whole glass jar, not the contents. While my brother-in-law & I were arguing about who should remove it Dad came in & pulled it out himself. Sorry Mom, we probably should have told you, you know.. thirteen years ago before you finished that one up!

The flower on the top right were from my wedding too. A friend of Mom's did all the flower arrangements. We use to have the flowers all over our little apartment so it was so much fun to see Mom had them spread around the house. The flowers on the bottom left were from the wedding too. We had several of those pitchers of flowers on the tables & things. The girl who made the arrangements was extremely apologetic when she showed them to us & she couldn't work the full sized sunflowers into the boquete arrangement. She was convinced it looked awful, & was worried I'd be angry about it. I dunno, but all these years later I still think they are very pretty flower arrangements!

And the fish! Oh my goodness the fish! If I remember correctly we cashed in on one of those Walmart specials where you could buy 10 tiny little goldfish for all of $1. Dad moved them out of the first pond & dispersed them around bigger ponds he had going for a while. When we were in the US I was busy attempting not to slide on the apples that were in the yard when I caught sight of the fish. Seriously, & to think they use to be the size of my half my little finger. Or that they are still alive after thirteen years, & five days. I have to say the five days thing.. Mr S is keeping track.

Because, after thirteen years of marriage he finally forgot our anniversary, but it's okay because I did too! I know, weird, but totally true. I was sitting at the breakfast table thinking about how I needed to wish his sister a happy birthday & didn't even pause to remember that we got married on her birthday. Nope, it wasn't until my mother-in-law rang to say Happy Anniversary that I remembered. We're blaming jetlag.

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Nancy said...

Our 12 year Anniversary is this weekend. I get how it sneaks up sometimes.