Friday, October 26, 2012


One Saturday afternoon while in the US, Mom mentioned she needed to go to a shop called Fred's. We don't have a Fred's in Tasmania, & when Mom said she needed to go to Fred's Mr S wanted to know who Fred was. It was all very amusing & funny, until we realized the boys really thought we were going to see someone named Fred.

They were a little confused when I pulled into a parking lot & told them that Gram needed to go inside to get a couple of camping chairs. So we walk in the shop & there's this cardboard cut out of a man holding up a sign stating the price of items. I walked up to him put my arm around him & said, "Oh hi Fred!" Mr S snapped a photo. I told Fred I'd make him famous, that's why he's laughing!

My kids are still utterly confused over the entire Fred thing, but that's okay. Our sense of humor generally does confuse them. And no, that's not a real person in the photo with me, it really was just a cardboard cutout inside the door of the local Fred's in Mom's town.

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