Sunday, October 21, 2012

Flying on a Jet Plane

We spent 2 weeks in the US visiting with my Mom & other family members. The boys had an absolute blast & were very disappointed when it was time to come home. In fact, I was asked relentlessly if we could spend just "one more" day. It was sad to leave, it's always hard to leave the ones you love, but it was equally good to come back home. Next time, we'll just have to stuff Gram in the extra duffle. Ha! Could you imagine the look on the fellow when he scanned that bag!?

We had a slight change of flights when we left so we ended up on the second longest flight in the world: 17 hours. Seriously, it felt like an eternity. It was a long flight, compounded with sick children, people complaining of tummy upset, & a child who couldn't sleep. Stepping off a plane onto solid ground never ever felt so good! Last time we went to America via Japan cutting our plane time in half, & then some, giving us a break between long rides. We decided next time we'll get there via Fiji for the same reason, that & going to Fiji would just be so awesome, wouldn't it?

We enjoyed our time, but as normal it sped by so incredibly fast. Especially when someone informed me it was Wednesday & I thought it was Monday. I was utterly convinced they were trying to mess with my all ready wigged out brain that couldn't keep track of time & dates. Silly thing is, I did the same thing in reverse when we got back. Thought it was Wednesday when it was Friday. This time travel stuff does a number on you.

Yes, time travel. We arrived in the US on the same day, at the exact same time, that we left Tasmania. So we relived Tuesday twice! When we came back we left the US on a Tuesday & got into Tassie on a Thursday completely skipping Wednesday. Yeah, it was weird!

Driving on the other side of the road was unusual, & aside from one minor moment on the wrong side of the road was managed well. Mr S was convinced that when we got back home again I'd be absolutely confused, but actually it just seems normal. I don't find myself double checking that I'm where I belong, I just go.

The boys are all ready making plans for their next visit. I like their style!


Tracey said...

I am glad you had a good trip. Next time, you HAVE to visit with us!

Gail in NY said...

That sounds like quite a trip! 17 hours??!!!!!and the time warp. Ugh.
Yes, I thought of you while you were here. I thought how nice it would be to meet you and let the boys get to know each other. But I decided that was a very selfish thought. I have traveled to visit family and know how the time flies and you cant possibly do all you want or need to. I am so glad you got to come visit family!! Glad you are home safe and sound.
For now, I will enjoy emails and blogs. Maybe next time though!*wink*!