Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Pretty View

My parents live in the same house that I grew up in. I should clarify that it's not the only house I grew up in. My family still jokes about the Blue House, as we often called it. No one ever forgets living in an electric blue home. Doubt if you will, but we never had to give out our house number, in fact I think Dad delighted in not handing it out & just telling people, "Trust me you'll know it when you see you it." The Blue House was such a part of our family that when we moved out of that home friends informed us that the new home owners actually painted the house.

We also lived in a less memorable brown house, not that I don't remember it, I do. It's just that my family never sat around commenting on the shade of brown. We also lived across the street from my Grandma for a while & there are plenty of stories that can be told about that home, including the fact that my name is, or was last time I checked, still etched in the sidewalk near that home.

But the house my family spent the most time in during my childhood is the place that they still call home now. When we first moved there I'll never forget that every single weekend Mom had no pans to cook in & very little tupperware in the cupboard. Not because we were busy making our own rock band, but because the rough had a few leaks. Just a few.. The first summer, or three, people kept stopping outside our house & asking to take photos. I think it took three people before Dad finally asked what on earth everyone was taking pictures of our house for. It was rumoured that Lester Flatt was born there.

Mind you, it's also rumoured that before there was more then one bedroom on that house that a family with 12 kids lived there. Considering the amount of names I've seen penciled on the attic walls, I'd be tempted to believe it too!

So when Jayden asked me if I was sure I was going in the right direction to get to Gram's house I assured him I knew the way. He wanted to know how I could be so sure. I pointed out that I'd driven, biked, & walked the road many times before. And because no good parent can resist it I also added that I walked uphill, both ways, anytime I wanted to get off that road. Funny thing is, it's not a lie, it's not an exaggerated joke, it's a fact. I know what you're thinking, but it's true! The year it snowed & it took the plow for ever to get to our road, I remember my siblings & I tramping to & from the barn in the snow saying stupid things like, "When I was a kid.." but seriously, we were tramping uphill both ways!

The boys had a grand time tromping around the various fields & barns. When they announced they'd been to the "back barn" {pictured above} my first response was, "Is the owl still out there?" Apparently not, but they told themselves enough scary stories they'd made a mad dash for the house. When they were in the first barn helping to feed goats they decided it would be fun to get in the loft. It was quite a shock to them to discover there is not, & never has been, a ladder to get up there. We just scaled the walls. They made it halfway up before deciding perhaps the loft wasn't as cool as they thought it might be.

Of course, now when I tell the tale of Mom getting locked in the old chicken coop {sorry Mom, but I still laugh hysterically when I tell that story} they'll know exactly what I mean. Or if I tell them about the time I found Dad in the old apple tree standing on the branch he was cutting.. Or the time their own father was suppose to be helping me remove a branch from the rumoured pear tree {not sure anyone ever saw a pear on it} & didn't jump at the right moment & twisted his ankle, they'll know what I mean.

They might never be the same after enduring another Tennessee thunder storm, in a valley where the thunder bounces off the mountains, but they won't forget it either. Mr S never quite got use to those either. Me? I left the guys to the bed & slept on the couch. The boys were gung-ho excited to know they might see & hear coyotes, but upon the first mournful howl one of them was ready to pack his bags & hide in the house for the rest of his visit. I shouldn't have, but it made me laugh & still does! The other one is still lamenting that he didn't see the wild turkeys, & lamenting even deeper I didn't tell him when they were visible. Never mind that I was half a mile up the road, in a car.. without him. There's always next time.

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