Thursday, September 27, 2012


Over the past six years we've seen a lot of wildlife at the beach from penguins & starfish to dolphins & seals, but we've never actually seen a whale. This is on Jayden's great big list of things to do. More specifically to see a blue whale, but he'll settle for a killer whale if that's all that's is visible. He's got it all worked out.

A couple of days ago Mr S sent me a txt message to tell me there was a whale beached in town. I didn't notice the message for another 5 hours. The boys didn't care that it was sent 5 hours ago, they wanted to go right then & see if it had been rescued. They've actually chatted, for quite a while & knocked the socks off of, whale rescuers. It was a booth at a local festival where they were able to see & touch real baleen, check out the whale they use to train people & so on.

My theory was that if the whale had been beached 5 hours ago the tide was now coming in it would be a close call in viewing it. Thing is, Mr S forgot to tell us that the whale wasn't actually alive. Ha! So the boys & I went into town & drove along the coast line until we noticed an excess amount of cars in an area that's generally quite deserted, especially when the tide is in.

We hopped out & made our way down to the beach. It was quite the sight to be hold. A whole lot of amazing & a good bit of sad. This whale was huge, all though in a very sad state of affairs. It's tail had been quite mauled by something, we guess sharks from the look of the teeth marks. Jayden still felt the deep desire to touch it's tail & fin. He was shocked they were both spongey.

I was pretty certain it was a humpback whale, & reports from the wildlife departments was that I was right. The boys were pretty impressed with my whale identifying skills. I have to confess, I wasn't entirely certain, because while it was huge it wasn't as large as I would have expected a full grown humpback to be. Reports also confirmed it was a juvenile which shed light on that side of things.

It wasn't exactly how they'd hoped to see a whale, but it didn't totally disappoint them either. Hopefully next time the whale will be alive, & you know.. not beached too.

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Sheryll said...

If you are ever in Melbourne be sure to visit the Melbourne Museum where they have a blue whale skeleton on display.