Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up

This is what our school table looked like on Monday morning. Generally it's bare, except for the sheets we store under our clear tablecloth. Needless to say we were a bit behind on a few of our notebooking projects, so in order to gain control of the table & keep things moving I rounded up the boys & turned on Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry. We spent the better half of the morning, cutting, coloring, folding, & gluing. There were no complaints because the boys were well absorbed in their task & the story.

We've been plowing through the World Wars books.  The boys have really enjoyed every minute of that book, & I have to confess while it's not a topic I generally enjoy reading about the book itself has been incredibly interesting. So we tackled the paper that corresponded with what we've been learning & made up our little booklets about the various forms of weapons used in the World War 1. 

The little books are put inside of a homemade bigger book. The boys loved coloring the covers of these, & while they did that I tackled a bit more cutting & did some of Jayden's glueing. He's still not keen on glue, but has stopped screaming, "Glue! My worst enemy!" Progress indeed. There was a time when he detested coloring so I never asked it of him, but now coloring & drawing are two of his favourite past times. I don't know if glueing anything will reach that level or not, but we'll take the progress we've got.

We also made up the WW I belt project. This has gotten a lot of ooh's & aah's in our home over everyone the boys have shown it too. Sadly, for Jayden, it required a bit of glueing, so I did his glueing & he did the folding. Morgan is very content to tackle all crafty things on his own as long as he doesn't have to use white glue because, "it takes too long to dry."

Inside this little belt is loaded with 8 mini projects. All of which we'd learned about from the World Wars book, & the HSITW cd. It took 100 & some odd pages in the World Wars book to cover WW I & only 2 pages on the cd. That's okay though, because the cd mentioned Alvin C. York & I would have forgotten to mention him. My family would be shocked that I might have nearly forgotten him, after all we've seen the movie more times then I can count & I'm pretty sure there isn't a one of us who will ever in our lives forget the time Dad drove us past York's home in TN. By the time we got to the base of that road everyone was either car sick or screaming for him to pull over.  The boys laughed themselves silly listening to my retelling, but I noticed neither of them asked if we'd ever go visit that house.

Last week, I think it was, we read about some of the amazing things that were accomplished in the 1900's. Top on the list was Mt Rushmore & the Empire State Building. Did you know they ran out of money to complete Mt Rushmore? Each president was suppose to be a full bust, but because they ran out of money they left it as it was. Which made us look twice as close at the picture of the actual carved mountain. We snagged these notebooking pages for free from around the web & the boys colored them on our journey down to Morgan's eye appointment. They narrated information to me to write down on the pages before we coloured them.

A few weeks ago we also studied the Spanish-American War, the boys narrated to me on that day & I jotted down what they wanted to include on their paper, then we ran a copy of it off for each child. So we finished that off on Monday by adding the pop-up explosion to it. The boys were very delighted with the effect & I was delighted to have it finally off the table.

We also read about a variety of disasters that happened during this time frame too. Some we only learned small tidbits about & others, like the Johnstown Flood, we learned a bit more about. The little booklet, when closed, looks like an old fashioned telephone! Morgan really loved the look of this booklet!

We took a small break for lunch & then regrouped to finish off the last of our projects. These little flip books of clothes often take a great deal of time & patience to make, but the boys really enjoy seeing the completed process. This time each flip page was a different year of fashion. The boys each made their own. Just a little tip, we don't print directly onto acetate, our printer ink never seems to dry when we do. We were warned about that. Instead I just hold the clear plastic {I use the clear covers I have on hand for our Proclick} up to the area that needs cutting & trim around the plastic. Then I use that as my pattern. We glue our objects directly onto that which works much easier all though it can be a bit tedious.

On top of our notebooking pages we also read through a stack of books this way:

  • Little Britches, all though I think we actually wrapped that up last week. Sad ending, a few words we don't use in our family within the book, but a very delightful story over all. Mr S was the only one not trying to hold back tears at the end.
  • George Washington Carver, while we knew he was responsible for many of the known uses for peanuts we didn't actually know why he investigated those, now we do. A really good read. 
  • All-of-A-Kind Family, oh how my boys giggled through this story. You know the, "uh-oh this won't end well" kinda things. When we reached the end of the story today Morgan said, "What?! It can't end like that! I need more!!" I assured him there were many more books in the series, with a relieved sigh he said, "Will you read more to me then?" 
  • Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry, it's a deep book in regards to emotions. Enough so that I still remember a few things from this book when I read it as a child, but only on an emotional level. We're not quite through with this story, but so far the boys are enjoying it. I think it was an eye opener for them that just because the Civil War was over didn't mean that the fight for some Americans was.
  • The World Wars, we've only read half of this book. We're saving the WWII section for after Spring Break. The boys absolutely love this book. I read so much of it each day because they just didn't want me to stop. They scrutinized pictures, asked heaps of questions, & carried on very detailed discussions. We haven't explored all the links in the book yet, but that's okay.

Now, before you think we are some kinda super homeschoolers, bear in mind we didn't do much of any other studies this week aside from science & a few applied lessons. However, we were racing towards the finish that leads up to our Spring Break. The rest of the state took it over the last two weeks, but we like to be different & it officially starts now for us! We have a couple of small trips planned so I've snagged some audio books for the boys to listen to & we hope to finish up War Horse which we are currently reading too. Nothing too major or too formal.

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