Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Seaside

Spring has officially sprung around here & we've been enjoying some beautiful weather here of recent. The tide has also been in our favour so we've been spending time at the beach too. There's nothing quite like those first few warm spring days at the beach. If you've never experienced winter winds on the beach you might not quite know what I mean, but I assure you those first spring trips are amazing.

The boys often spend more time scrounging the beach for various treasures, or digging in the sand, running on the dunes, or checking out tide pools. This particular day there was a lot of sponge on the beach, & I'm not talking about the stuff you buy in the grocery store but the natural stuff that you can find all over the beach. There were huge gobs of it everywhere along with an awful lot of cuddle bones.

There was even a piece of sponge in this bush which is a good ways up off the beach, & even the higher winter tides don't reach. Either someone brought it up or the wind grabbed hold of it & took it for a ride. How it got there didn't really interest Jayden as much as removing it from the bush. In fact, he brought it home & it's been laying in the front yard all week. Several times I've thought there's been an echidna out there only to remember it's the crazy piece of sponge.

There was a lot of trash on the beach too, & the boys were discussing cleaning it up the next time we went down. I suspect that's mostly because they want a really good excuse to bring home the spare tires we find down there now & again, the ones I keep telling them we are not taking home.

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