Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Technological School Problems

The problem with technology in schools today, even homeschools, is that they break. Unlike books, pencils, pens, & paper which can easily be taped broken cds don't work the same way. Neither to do computers that don't reboot with grades, scores, & plans on them. Yeah, it happened to us!

A couple of weeks ago our desktop style Mac had major issues & by the end of the day it decided to give up the ghost. Officially. Completely. No holds bar. In fact, I'm pretty sure I heard gagging sounds & gasping noises from it before it refused to do anything I asked of it. I sent Mr S an SOS at work, mostly out of pure pity then anything else.

Then we dragged out his MacBook Pro & I set Jayden up to do math on that computer instead. He was contentedly working away, & when he finished I instructed him to put the computer back on it's charger & remove the cd & put it away. I should have been more specific. I should have said, "Put the cd away. Now go put the computer back on the charger." But I did not. He walked off humming, & then I heard an all sickening cracking sound.

Seriously, I thought he'd broken the screen on the computer due to the noise, but Mr S is notorious for keeping glasses on his side of the bed so I jumped up thinking Jayde had broken a glass on himself. By the time I got to the bedroom he was all ready dashing up the hall towards his own room. I walked in & found the math cd in 3 nifty pieces on the bed.

Yeah, normally we copy math cds & have the children work from copies. That way if something happens to it, it's no big deal. We still encourage them to be really careful with them, but if the disc gets scratched or ruined in anyway there's no tears or panic. The same computer that wouldn't listen to me was giving me grief about copying discs, so we were working with originals. Crazy, I know.

I found Jayden curled up under a quilt in his bed. Apparently when he dropped the computer on the bed it flung the cd out of his hand & the computer landed on top of the cd. Honest bad luck all around on that one. I assured him no one was going to be angry with him & that we'd replace the cd even if it meant replacing the entire curriculum. There were still tears, but we discovered, with a little help, that Teaching Textbooks is awesome & will replace any lost or broken disc to your set for $15. That includes shipping within the US, yeah for awesome customer service!

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