Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer Reading

I'm always gathering books up for one reason or another. I've got buckets & baskets of books all over the house that are grouped together for specific reasons. Morgan's books for next year, Jayden's books for next year. Australian history books. Summer reading basket.

My big focus of late has been on the Summer Reading Basket. After Mr S heads out for work in the summer I read aloud to the boys for an hour or so & we blow through a variety of books. Last year's basket didn't get completely emptied because we swayed from our list a bit. I'm not sure we'll clear our list this year either as it's growing with great rapidity, but I'm considering an Audio Afternoon time where we can listen to a book as well. 

You have more then one book going at a time too, don't you? Oh good, glad to know it's not just me/us. I generally have books tucked in many places so that no matter where I am I can pick it up to read if I'm not needed. Which reminds me, I need to stash a new one in the car..

I'm also setting the kids up with a reading programme, our own little thing not one associated with anywhere. By the time the library notifies patrons of their little programme it's generally a month under way, so I thought this year I'd set up one for the boys on our own. More of a challenge then a programme. I'm pretty excited about my plan, but I've refused to let the boys in on any of it. So far they haven't guessed anything.

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Mel said...

You have inspired me to work on my summer reading list :)