Friday, September 28, 2012

Sonlight Science

I mentioned a bit ago that amongst a few mid-year changes we also changed our science curriculum up. It was a really late change considering we started school in January & opted to change our science in August.

It's not that we didn't like our former science curriculum, it was more that we simply weren't getting to it & thus it wasn't happening. I mentioned my concern, the lack of science being tackled to Mr S, one evening & he asked me what other science curriculum I'd been looking over at the start of the year.

Does that happen to you too? Do you start out looking at one thing & then think, "No, I'll go this way instead." It happens to me a bit too much, & you'd really think I'd have figured it out by now that it never gets me anywhere.

I went back & looked over the Sonlight Science I'd considered using at the start of the year with the boys & was blessed to find a fellow Aussie Homeschooler who was done with the very level we were looking for. Don't you love it when God works things out for you just like that? I do. We've had a lot of that happening around here lately.

The Sonlight science uses a variety of books {excuse my favourite pjs, but sometimes we do school in our pj's, on the weekend, while eating breakfast.. we're cool like that} mixed with heaps of experiments. Unlike the curriculum we were using before {Elementary Apologia} Sonlight mixes & matches the topics throughout the year. The lessons are quick, simple, & get done. I love that last bit, & the middle bit, & the beginning bit.

The boys decided they really wanted to share the fun of the experiments & videos that go with the science core with Daddy on the weekends. I'm totally cool with that. In fact, I remember very clearly telling Mr S, once upon a time, that he'd be the science & math teacher. He agreed if I'd take history & language arts. Saturday mornings we pull our science supply kit & our science experiment book. We watch the semi-cheesy {okay, let me be clear here.. My kids love that video, but Mr S & I laugh ourselves crazy with it} video & then they set to work with their experiments.

Easy Peasy. That's kinda my theme this year, if it's easy & simple we're game for it. This experiment really excited the guys & they had an incredible amount of fun testing a variety of batteries & bulbs. At one point they even pulled out a regular sized bulb & tried to see if they had enough D batteries to power it. They didn't, & as I wandered off to get out of those pj's I said, "I bet the car battery is strong enough." I laughed, I mean I did, really! It was one of those "haha" moments where you think you've got a silly answer. Yeah, well you see I live in a house of boys who aren't about to be held back by the simple fact that they don't have enough D batteries on hand to light a bulb that could so easily be slipped into one of the many 10' lamps in the house that are empty. Nope, their eyes light up & Mr S says, "Now that's a great idea!" I hid the car keys.

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