Sunday, September 16, 2012

Science, at the speed of life

We started our new science a couple of weekends ago. Yes, we're a tad late on it, but we changed science courses for a variety of {most likely boring} reasons. The boys wanted to do it on the weekend so Mr S could join in the fun of the experiments with them. We pulled our activity box & were in the middle of an experiment when the phone rang. Generally we ignore the phone when we're busy, & sometimes even when we're not, but the person on the other end kept chatting away until we finally picked it up.

Mr S is actually holding a bit of the experiment & was trying to hook it together so Morgan held the phone for him. Our phone actually has speaker phone ability, but it takes a few button pushes & we can never remember which ones until well after the phone call.

On another note, we've been enjoying our new science. The boys love the weekly experiments & the books we've been reading. I like that we're actually getting to our science each week. It makes us all happy campers.

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