Friday, September 14, 2012

Purple People Eater

A few weeks ago I mentioned our car broke down, yeah, well that wasn't the end of it. The crazy thing was acting a bit crazy which was making me a bit nervous. Nothing like getting stranded on the back roads & trying to explain where you are when the nearest landmark is 2 sheep & an alpacca.

One evening when Mr S was suppose to head home on his bike the skies opened up & poured, so he rang home for a lift. Our Blue Beast wouldn't start! I rang him back & said if he wanted a lift he'd have to call a taxi, because mine was broken. We had ourselves a bit of a chuckle over it & the rain let up so he headed home.

After praying the rain would halt long enough for him to get here, I grabbed my computer & decided to really irritate the Big Blue Beast by looking at other cars for sale. While looking I spotted one exactly like what we had, only younger, fewer kilometers on it, & in purple. The purple made me laugh. When Mr S got home I told him I'd found out new car, & he'd love the color.

It really was just a joke, but the more we actually read about the car the less joke-like it was. We even rang the company to find out a little more information & discussed price. They were willing to take our cranky unreliable thing & were going to give us a reasonable sum considering the situation.

That weekend we were sorting out how we'd get the Beast into the city to pick up the new car when we got a message from family that they were in the city. We asked if they'd pop by the car place & take a look at it for us, make sure it was worthy of the price & ran well, etc. Not only did they check it out, they talked the sales fellow down another thousand dollars on the car.

After about fifteen phone calls later they even picked up the Purple People Eater & brought it back to us! Such a huge blessing. The funniest part is that people see the purple car & do a double take. We've had several people ask if we've painted our car because of the color change. It always makes us giggle.

We've had a few people, strangers & friends a like, who've also picked up straight away that our car was a former Cadbury car. Thus it's purple color. Incase your wondering, Cadbury chocolate {bars & other} is not only the Aussie brand of chocolate, it comes in purple boxes. The fact that purple is my favourite color has absolutely nothing to do with it, honest!

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