Sunday, September 30, 2012

Next Year..

While school might just be heading back into a new school year in the Northern Hemisphere, we are racing towards the finish here in the Southern Hemisphere. Can I be honest a minute? I prefer the Southern Hemisphere's school year over the Northern. Mr S says it's due to my "Monkism" issues. He might be right. I just love that we start at the beginning of the year {February} & end at the end of the year {December}. Everything lines up so much more neatly.

I'm usually well aware of what my intended plans for the new school year are well in advanced. That's not any different right now either, but what I really wanted was to get our school year down on paper so I could propose which fun things to pencil in where on our calendar next year. You know, those lovely camping trips you intend to take, museums you want to visit, etc.

Funny thing is, the local school district {as int he whole state because that's just how small our state is} has always run off a three term school year. We haven't, we've always been on a four term school year. As in, we start & stop with less time off at the end of the year. My kids get bored & boredom can lead to trouble. It's also really easy to forget a lot of stuff you learned the year before if you take too much time off. So we've never followed the state school schedule before.

Imagine my laughter when I sat down a few weeks ago & penciled in our nifty school calendar on my lovely little homemade calendar pages. Then I blocked off weeks I intended to take off. Then, because I'm morbidly nosey like that, I looked up what the school district was doing. Our times on & off are exactly the same. Except my kids always start back up on a Monday where as some of the schools bring kids back on Tuesdays. We'll also stop officially for the end of our year one week earlier then the rest of the state. I laughed loud enough the guys wanted to know what was so funny.

I told Mr S that the red blocks were times we could nip out of town, go camping, day trips, etc. Then I told him that I'd scheduled us off for the same time as the schools, so I might change it so we're off prior or later, but I dunno. I'm really happy with my schedule to be quite honest! One thing we've really loved about having differing times is that we've always had hot spots to ourselves, all though my kids are so tired of saying, "No, I'm homeschooled."

I told them they should be grateful, when I was homeschooled & got quizzed as to why I was out of school people use to proceed to quiz me on math facts or other silliness. I told them they should count their blessings that people only ask them if it's their free day or if they are on holiday.

You pencil in your school schedule, right? I'm not the only one who plans it out 4 months or more in advanced right? I won't freak you out, in the same post, with my spreadsheets for curriculum choices & other what-not for next year.


Belinda said...

Is it that time already!!! I need to get my head around Christmas first, and then I will sort out next year's plans. But I would like to see your spreadsheet - especially if it helps you keep tabs on all your options as you make decisions??

Renelle said...

Guess what're not the only one! I've already got most of my resources for next year and I'm already getting my planner organised and starting to wrap up ds 10's portfolio for 2012. I haven't been quite this organised other years but seem to have a good idea this time where we're heading. Am I weird or do other people actually like getting organised? I am finding things go alot more smoothly when I have goals. Have fun !

Kendra said...

Oh Renelle, have you shared your portfolio on your blog? I haven't actually made one for our boys before, but I wanted to start doing that & giving them little certificates & what-not. It amazes me how excited they get over little things like that. You're not weird, I love being organized too!!

Belinda, yes they do help me keep track of my options which is why I made them! :D