Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Quilt

It's not a very delightful photo, but there it is all the same. I couldn't share my latest project because the boys really wanted to give it to Mr S for Father's Day {September 2nd} but it didn't quite work out that way for us. We've had a lot going on around here lately & I just couldn't spare much time to actually work on the quilt.

I spotted a picture of an Angry Bird quilt in my many travels around the web. It was very simplistic looking & after studying it for a while I thought it'd be fun to have a try at it. The boys picked out the material from the shop & I spent an evening laying it all out. In fact, I had the whole thing laid out when Mr S sent us a message to say he was coming home early. There was some wild crazy moments as we ran around trying to get all the evidence cleaned up & put away.

Two nights later we pulled it back out, laid the whole thing down & were halfway through pinning the pieces together when he sent us a message to say he was about to head for home. This time, I'd lost track of time with our lighter evenings! So we sent him on an errand in town so we could finish pinning the whole thing together before folding it up & hiding it in the craft room.

I managed to get a couple of the blue rays, the sun, & the grass sewn down before Father's Day, but that was it. So we put it away & debated saving it for Christmas, but the boys were very eager to give it out anyway along with the other little things they'd purchased. After all the chaos we've had going on for the past few months I finally got the craft room cleaned up & it's warm enough again to work in there for long periods of time. It's nice to have a project to tackle so I can mess that room up again.

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