Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Local Sights & Sounds

Life is very busy for our little family right now. There's much hustle & bustle as we go through the day to day things around here. Last week we were in town after dark & as we came to a stop at the end of a street we looked up & noticed the local cruise boat heading out. I pulled into a parking lot so I could legally use the camera on my phone. Life is good, & it's fun to stop & look around us & see the everyday things we often take for granted.

We use to see this boat nightly from our house, not that we set our watches by it or anything like that. All though I do remember the time Nana stayed with us & got up early just so she could see the boat come in. It made us chuckle, but mostly because she'd not encountered a foggy morning where the captain would lay on his horn, repetitively as he sought help to get into port.

It didn't happen often, but it was always disconcerting when it did. Something between a cross of panic & pain is what it sounded like as it desperately waited for a tugboat to search it out & drag it in. The first time it happened to us was one of those foggy winter mornings, & the boat was early we know, because it's incessant honking woke us up. I don't miss the honking part.

We once lived really close to a major rail line in Tasmania too. Jayden was four then & obsessed with trains. He'd clamber up into the windowsill each time he heard the train coming. He'd run from one window to the next to be sure he saw the whole train, but he often got annoyed that the conductor couldn't see him waving. Mr S never got use to that train coming through at 3 am. Frankly, except for the time he woke me up shouting, "Can you hear that?" I never heard the train. We aren't as close to the rail line now, but during the day I hear it's whistle a few times.

Jayden no longer clambers up into windows to check it out, but he does come to a dead standstill when he hears a siren, then without looking he tells me what emergency vehicle is most likely flying by. Considering they don't, generally, pass by our home as we're off the beaten path, I just smile & nod. He's been able to identify, & mock, emergency vehicle sounds since he was 2. I had to lay a firm rule down that he is not, under any circumstances, to mock the noises in the car. People get really angry when you pull over on a major rode when there's absolutely no emergency vehicle in sight...

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