Thursday, September 20, 2012

I sat down in the, obviously messy, lounge room this past weekend & this is what greeted me. Do you see anything wrong with this picture? You know, besides the fact that everyone's on an electronical device? That's right Mr S is so computer savvy he's using two computers!

Actually he's using mine & his. I have no recollection of what or why he was using my computer, but when I sat down & saw everyone on the devices I couldn't help but laugh & snap a photo. From the signs of food on the table we must have been watching footy finals.

Have you seen that crazy picture floating around Facebook that says something like She was a classy lady all year & then football season started. My husband saw that picture & roared with laughter. He's got my number. Sadly, I'm so use to Aussie Rules these days that when we get our one lowly little NFL game each year {SuperBowl} it seems hideously slow & I want to scream "hurry up!" all the time. Sad, but true.

It's Footy Finals here in Australia & the only thing crazier then that is that not everyone in the house goes for the same team. Upside is, Morgan's team was knocked out so that calms things down a little. Downside, the team everyone else seems to go for is in the Semi Final. Which means if they survive this round {come on boys, don't act like a bunch of sissy's or we'll sick the emu's on you!} they are in the Grand Final. I never have finger nails this time of year. Another sad, but true fact.

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