Sunday, September 9, 2012


Many mornings start like this in our home, breakfast with a game of chess. We bought this cute little chess set six years ago when Jayden was all of 3. His favourite game at the time was checkers & Morgan's was chess. Yes, they've been playing those games since they were that young, younger actually. They know how to play backgammon & other old fashioned games too.

When we spotted this cute version of chess in a local shop we picked it up for Morgan's Christmas gift. It's gotten a lot of use over the past six years, & the lid to the tin is a tad dented. In fact, many times I've debated getting rid of the tin, but the bottom of the tin is the actual board game too!

Morgan started putting a request in for a more grown-up chess board last year. They had their eyes on a really fancy one for a while, but when they realised it was more for show then play they changed their minds about it.  We were going to get him something a bit more fancy, but when I said, "Oh Hooray, I can finally get rid of that tin!" he changed his mind about wanting something a bit more grown-up.

Apparently, your just never too old for playing with Big Bird & Cookie Monster.

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Nancy said...

That's so cute! I bought my son a Mario chess set for his birthday this year and it's really nice quality and the pieces are fun to play with outside of chess as well.