Monday, August 20, 2012

Unexpected Birthday

Last week my mother-in-law was staying with us, she just so happened to be staying with us during her birthday. The boys, not ones to throw tradition to the wind, wanted to deck out the birthday table & be certain to have it just right for when she woke up in the morning. Only, they didn't feel the gifts we had were quite enough!

Morgan & I nipped out late in the afternoon to pick up a few more gifts. We ended up getting her some fantastic books. I love the books by Kate Morton & felt pretty certain she'd enjoy the one entitled The House At Riverton {aka The Shifting Fog}. Earlier this year I watched The Help with my mil, & she loved the movie so I snagged her the book as well. Then we picked her out Downton Abby Seasons 1 & 2. Jayden rang to ask me to get dark chocolate on his behalf, & then Morgan asked if he could pick out some roses & cappuccino mix for her as well. All in all, not a shabby birthday haul when you're feeling miserable, is it?

The boys decorated the school table {which is my favourite table in the entire house} with the party cloth & the wrapped gifts. Then they begged Nana to let them wake her up early because they had a huge surprise for her. They had an awful hard time getting to sleep because they decided it would be great if every time either of their Grandma's had birthdays if they'd spend it with us so they could always surprise them like this.

I'm not sure if Nana was hugely surprised, but she was very grateful & decided being sick to stay with us on her birthday wasn't so bad if you got a good haul like this each year. Of course they were surprised I didn't ask her what her favourite meal was to cook that too. That's been a birthday tradition in my family since I was a child, but considering Nana wasn't eating much we kept with our Friday Night Football tradition of kebabs, sausages, & various salads. A very happy birthday indeed.


Michele said...

That is so sweet! What lovely presents too! Oh and I am off to check out the Kate Morton books! I always love your book choices, Kendra!

Multi-tasking Mama said...

Simply lovely. It's so nice to make someone feel special.