Friday, August 3, 2012

Pioneer Food

After reading Shades Of Gray with the boys last week, we decided we should really have a pioneer dinner what with all the talk of cornbread, stew, & pie. There was also a whole lot of talk about turnip greens too, but I didn't hear anyone clambering for those. Friday evening I took the kids to the store so we could get our stew meat, because I wasn't totally up for a squirrel hunt, not that we would have found any had we gone hunting for them anyway! You do know there are no squirrels in Australia, right?

I made our customary herbed beef stew, using the last of the various frozen veggies I had in the freezer. Little did the kids know that I served it on turnip mash which was mixed with the last lowly white potato I found hidden in the pantry. No one knew the difference!

I also made cornbread, which is actually entitled corn muffins or something like that in my cookbook, but the kids usually scarf them down so I knew I couldn't go wrong with them. I did sub coconut milk for the regular milk in them, but aside from that I left the recipe alone. The kids didn't seem to notice that difference either.

I was all for making a cherry or apple pie, but the boys were dead set on chocolate, so chocolate it was! I used this chocolate pudding recipe for the pie. I've made it before without adding chocolate to it & just upping the sweetener a bit via stevia & that works too. We made a paleo friendly almond crust which no one, including my nut hater, noticed. I was the only one who thought the crust was a tad cookie like instead of flaky. We don't eat pie very often around here, so I figure when we do the crust should indeed be an appropriate oil based flaky proper American crust. Or at least what I'm use to making, thus why I dub it an American crust. Aside from my complaint about the crust, the men folk scarfed that down too.

It's not a wonder pioneer women spend so much time in the kitchen! It appears if you make cornbread, strew, & chocolate pie they just gobble it all up & leave you with the dishes to clean up. Well, actually they didn't because Mr S did the dishes for me & then took the leftovers to work the next day. Clearly the pioneer ladies should have been fixing much less desirable dishes so they wouldn't have had to spend quite so much time in the kitchen!

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