Monday, August 6, 2012

Orange Cordial

A couple of weekends ago I noticed we seem to have a plethora of oranges that were starting to get soft. I was going to grate the rind & then juice the oranges & put the contents in the freezer. I do this from time to time with citrus fruit that needs using up, but this time I thought I might have a go at making sugar free cordial.

The boys really love it when they go to their Aunty's house & she has homemade cordial, or to Nana's when she has it. My mother-in-law was out of town, but has been making her recipe for so long she knew it by heart. In fact, she knew the recipe so well I got it via a text message. Only problem was that it used a meagre 4 pieces of fruit & a whole lot of sugar. I had 16 oranges that needed using up & a kilo of xylitol to play with.

I ended up finding another recipe online that called for 8 oranges & a kilo of sugar. That meant I had the right amount of oranges, but not quite the right amount of sweetener. I wasn't too worried about it because I find that xylitol is considerably sweet in liquid. There's also the fact that I can usually use less without anyone noticing the difference. I also snatched the rind of a couple of oranges.

I brought 16 cups of water to the boil & then added in the xylitol until it was fully dissolved, or rather until it returned to a boil. Turned it off, dumped in all the juice & rind. Then I was worried the ring might make it a bit tart so I threw in a teaspoon of stevia extract, then I threw the lid on it & left it overnight.

I think, that a half teaspoon of stevia would have been more then enough, I personally think it's overly sweet. The guys don't. I used the pulp that came out with the oranges & blended the juice, pulp, & rind with my immersion blender. It chopped stuff up pretty small.

There's several litres of the stuff in the fridge that needs using up, but I think once it's gone I'll try again with a few differences. I think, next time, I'll peel all the oranges like my mother-in-law does {with a potato peeler, I joke not} & put those peels into the water while it boils. I'll only use 1/4 - 1/2 t of stevia. Once the whole thing has set overnight I'll pull the large lumps of peel out. All though, I'd be willing to wager that leaving a long chunk of peel in each bottle would help keep the orange flavor strong.

Regardless, the guys loved it the way it was. They happily drink it up & when I mention things that could be different with it, they strongly disagree. Here's the original recipe I started with.

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Butterfly said...

We love oranges. Thanks for the recipe!!