Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Books

A recent package was choked full of goodness when it arrived here, but I have to say it was also a little scary. I mean, look at the title of that top book! It's not just about teaching your teens but about homeschooling through the highschool years. How on earth did we reach this point in our journey?!

Officially we aren't quite there yet. In Tasmania highschool starts in Grade 7, Morgan will only be in Grade 6 next year. I like to be prepared. I also really like to be inspired. The book is very Christian oriented, which suits our family just fine. I like that the authors main goal is helping keep our children's faith foremost as they navigate the turmoil of teenage emotions.

I also picked up a planner for Morgan. Apologia, as well as the author of the book, have a planner out for kids & teens. I picked the lesser of the two, as in the one not dubbed for teens for Morgan. Just one more step in helping him take leadership of his education. He was so excited to know that the planner was actually for himself.  He loved putting it to good use & checking off things all week long.

Despite making my own planners, I was lured in by The Ultimate Homeschool Planner, & wanted to check it out. Mr S always calls it research when I buy a planner. He's right you know, because it has bits or pieces that I like & other bits I don't. It's often where I get the inspiration for making my own planners. There is some really great information inside this planner though in regards to planning & keeping God foremost in your planning. There's also some information in the back for making a four year plan for your highschooler.

Are you seeing a theme here? Yeah, I've been doing highschool planning & researching for a long time now. It's just the first time I've purchased anything on the actual subject matter. It's like that moment you realize your preschooler isn't a toddler anymore. Somehow I blinked & my preschooler is a teenager now. How on earth did that happen?!

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Karilee said...

I recently purchased the same planner. Yep, it looks great...but, also a little intimidating! :)
I just found your blog and will be back!