Monday, August 27, 2012

Math Printables

This year for math Jayden has moved back into Teaching Textbooks 4. I really love how easy it is for him to plod along in his day with this programme. I'm very consistent in checking on his scores, what problems he got wrong {if any}, & I make notes if he consistently gets the same problems wrong. One of the things he's been learning of late was how to write the date.

Now, my boys both know how to write the date, we did lots & lots of date writing last year. We covered it so well that we really haven't fussed with it this year so I was a little shocked when I noticed that he was consistently getting these questions wrong on his daily lessons. Yesterday I asked him to let me know when one of those problems came up & he did. I stood back & watched him tackle it. He picked the answer he felt was correct then venomously told the instructor off for telling him he was wrong. I was busy stifling a giggle, Oh yes I was!

You see, my children learned to write the date the British way. Thus, today they would have written 27-8-12  or August 12, 2012. So, when the option comes up with the British version as well as the American version, he will automatically jump on the British version. So, I snagged a printable from the world wide web that allows him to write the date two different ways each day. I'll actually have him write the American way for a while, or maybe I'll let him write it both ways, who knows!

While I was searching around for things, I was reminded that Jayden said he didn't think it was as easy to read an analog clock. I found this a tad suspect from him because they learned on an analog clock first. In fact I didn't even have a digital clock in the same area to be sure they were learning with our analog! However, it seems he's relied heavily on the digitals since learning on the analog, so I made a quick clock for him to practice with each day.

Then, I decided while I was at it I should make a nifty thermometer page because we no longer have an analog thermometer. In fact, I'm not sure we've owned one since the boys have been of an age to be bothered reading it. Instead we have a fancy pants digital weather station which they read daily.

If you're interested in downloading the pages listed above you can find them here: Temperature, Time. Life is crazy right now, but we have some fun pictures/posts to share.

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