Friday, August 17, 2012


A couple of weekends ago my mother-in-law arrived back in Tasmania from her winter sabbatical, we collected her from the airport took her home & fed her, offered lemon cake to her neighbor, & then packed up to head home. The normal 10 minute trip took us 90 minutes.

I opted to take the nifty backroad back home which is one straight road from her house to mine. I crossed the bridge, hit the curve in the road & my car flat lined. I say, semi casually, "Hold on boys, we've got to get out of the middle of the road!" We bring the crazy Blue Beast back to life & I manage to move two car lengths before it flat lines again. This time I don't even bother to tell them to hold on, I just say, "Charming."

I limped off the road & Mr S called RACT, the best Christmas present we've ever been given. Seriously. It's worth every penny you pay. Only, the best part is listening to Mr S attempt to tell them where we are. He's communicating with someone on the southern end of the island. They have no idea what to report to the call out guy, "Don't worry mate, just tell them we're stranded on the back road somewhere between Spreyton & Latrobe. They'll find us."

So we sat & waited.. & waited.. & waited. We talked about all the things we'd be doing if we had to go home. We scoped out all the lovely locations we could nip off to in an effort to relieve our overly full bladders. We discussed how totally awesome it would be if we saw a Tasmanian Tiger, even if no one would believe us. Suddenly no one wanted to check out the scoped out areas of privacy to relieve themselves.

We hummed a few nothings. We pretended to nap. We gave up on being rescued. We decided the rescuer was probably watching the Olympics.. or footy. We wondered what events were playing. We wondered who was winning. We attempted to channel something on the radio, but we were on the back roads & our antenna gave up working a few years ago.

Then we saw the lovely RACT van rolling up. There were cheers from the back seat until he cruised on by us to go turn around. He gave us the okay & followed us home so we didn't have to wait on a tow truck. The boys thanked him profusely, & then after he made out a list of things that could be wrong with our car Mr S thanked him profusely.  It might have been the longest 10 minute car ride of my life.

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