Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cherry Lime Popsicles

I spotted a yummy looking cheery lime popsicle recipe last week & decided to give it a go. Cherries are abundant in the shop lately & at a decent price to boot, so the boys & I stopped by the grocery to pick up 500g of cherries & a couple of limes.

We followed the recipe as it was except that we added the lime peel to our recipe & swapped the sugar for coconut sugar. I really wanted to use a stevia/honey or stevia/maple syrup or stevia/coconut sugar combo, but the boys were getting a little worried when I started to swerve from the original recipe. Apparently they are unaware that I do that on a regular basis.

I didn't bother to let it cool before blending it up with my immersion blender. Then I poured it through the fine sieve as the recipe instructed, but I put a bit of cheese cloth in my sieve first. That way I could help squeeze out the extra juices. I saved the pulp & mixed it & some stevia into a bucket of greek yogurt that was in the fridge. No waste.

We froze our popsicles in the Zoku & enjoyed eating them during the Opening Ceremony replay. We only watched some of the ceremony live considering it meant yanking people out of bed at 530 am. Ha, so we caught what we missed on the replay. The popsicles were delicious, & I'm sure they'll make a few more appearances when the local cherries are in season.

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