Saturday, August 4, 2012

Aussie History

For a few years now I've been planning a big Aussie History year. Originally, I wanted to use the Australian Book Traveler put out by Homeschooling Down Under. In fact, it was something I entirely planned to order & do with the boys a year or two ago, but life got in the way & took us down another little path.

Next year is the year though! I am determined that we will have a full-on Aussie history year for the kids next year. We'll be all wrapped up with our two year US history study. We'll have a year before we hit World History, so it's the perfect time for us to focus fully on Australian History. Both boys will be doing some other things, but nothing historically based.

The thing is, I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for out there yet. I really wanted something that had all the lovely books scheduled out for me. Yes, I know that probably sounds entirely lazy, but my family has truly enjoyed the last two years where we've used preplanned school & my attention has been on/with them during the weekends. I've been attempting to pick the brains of many other Aussie home educators, & while I've gotten a lot of great suggestions I'm not sure I've gotten everything I need yet.

In the mean time, our pile of books is growing favourably as we continue to collect books for this topic next year. Our one & only book store {the one I was boycotting had to close up shop. Apparently I wasn't the only one digusted with their service..} in town recently moved to a larger shop & boy is it so much easier to find stuff in there now. Just before they moved I picked up a couple of books for next year due to their moving sale. Then I popped into the new shop & couldn't resist another purchase that will also go well for next year.

I still need to go over a few lists I have & finish finding books for specific time periods. Consider what our library has that I can use, & then flesh it all out into a schedule. I'm prayerful that I'll be done by the time we start our 2013 school year. Laugh, I know it's many months away, but it's amazing how quickly time can fly isn't it?!


Mel said...

Lovely books you have there!

We have 'Our Sunburnt Country' and we are starting 'The Australian Book Traveller' in a few weeks.
yOu can download it free at the moment from Home Schooling Down Under...and the Maps are about $7.

I found 'The Australia Book' interesting as well.
'Snugglepot and Cuddlepie' was really cute but we are finding 'The Magic Pudding' much more entertaining.

I am also reading a book called 'The Diary of Jimmy Porter' for our read aloud book. Brielle and Joshua REALLY enjoy this and comment a lot about what Jimmy records.
I found a free study on it as well on the net.

I am reading 'A fortunate Life' at the moment by A.B Facey. I believe this would be a good read aloud book as well and I might start it after we are finished with Jimmy Porter.

Also on my list
'We of the Never Never'
'Seven little Australians' (I see you have this)
'Little Black Princess'

Let us know what other books you find ;)

Kendra said...

Oo, I didn't realize it was free right now. I have some of the books you mentioned on the list, & not others.. must jot these down!!

Sheryll said...

Have you seen these? The Seriously Weird History of Australia.

I haven't seen them personally, Tracey at Little Men in My Library has the Goldfields book.

I look forward to reading about your journey through Australian History, we will be there in a couple of years.