Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 19

We were back at it this week & moving into a new time period, which brought about much excitement. Not that we didn't enjoy learning about the Civil War, because we did, but now that those questions are answered they are desperate to have a new set of questions answered to him.

This week was a bit of a between week, & we learned about some happenings after the Civil War ended. The finishing of the Transcontinental Railroad, the boom of Business Tycoons,  & how one can monopolize the market. All of which have caused for some big conversation topics around the house lately. We wrapped up Shades of Gray which was a delightful story about a young boy who lost a brother, two sisters, a father, & a mother in the Civil War. We're also well into Caddie Woodlawn, much to my delight. All though the boys are enjoying it as well, Caddie is Jayden's kind of heroine.

We started a new timeline, which we set up a little bit differently again. We went with the mini theme, but stapled the pages, even on one side, odd on the other, to the two sides of the file folder. This allows us the same ease as the last mini timeline we made, but saves heaps on file folders which we were running low on. It also means less gluing which delights a certain little boy I know who always screams, "Glue! My worst enemy!" when I suggest he use it.

We learned about when the first mail order catalogs came out which the boys found absolutely fascinating, then wrapped up the lesson with making these nifty trading cards from the HSITW cd. They had a picture advert on the front & the details on the back. That, "Say Mama" card is for root beer of all things! It made us all laugh imagining a baby asking for more root beer. We also had fun looking at a period time catalog which inspired the boys to make their own!

We read about Seward's Folly, which wasn't so foolish in the end at all. Incase your wondering, Seward was the State Treasurer who is responsible for the purchase of Alaska. People thought he was crazy & thus the purchase became known as Seward's Folly. Mind you, he paid only .02 per acre, but people were still not impressed. Until, of course, the Klondike gold rush. We also learned that Black Friday comes thanks to Gould & Fisk who took it upon themselves to try & buy up all the gold during the Klondike. It was all going great until on what's known as Black Friday {all though it happened in September, not the one we are now aware of happening in November} when the price of Gold spiked dramatically enough that President Grant ordered the treasury to sell a considerably amount of gold to lower the price. Fortunately for Gould & Fisk, they'd sold their gold before the release & weren't effected by it despite managing to monopolize the gold market.

We had a laugh learning about the last railroad spike being hammered in. Both railroad companies had a try at hammering it in, but both failed so they had to bring a worker in to do the job for them. The boys rolled with laughter when they heard this.

We also learned about some pretty big Business Tycoons. Sears being one of them. Can you believe he got his start in the sale business thanks to a mistake?! Yep, you read that right. Apparently he worked for the railroad & noticed a box of watches hadn't been put on the train, he contacted the company & they offered to sell them to him for $10 per watch. He took them up on the offer & sold them up & down the rail line for $12 per watch, making enough to quit his job & branch out on his own as a salesman. The boys are in awe that I've agreed to take them to a real Sears store while we're in the US later this year. They clearly have no memory of being in one quite often.

There was lots of free drawing time this week as the boys found the hidden stash of markers & some empty doodle pads. This picture of Jayden's totally cracked me up. The men in orange on the left.. the one in the middle is being arrested for being in public without a shirt on, the other two are police officers. The guy in blue on the right is running away because he saw the police coming. I have no idea where this child comes up with this stuff, but I really love his little police car which makes me think of a smart car.. minus the exhaust coming out the back end of it. He's turned into quite the little doodler lately..

We ran by our local library twice this week, which isn't any kind of record for us. Jayden adores checking out the display in the foyer lately as it's generally all war memorabilia. There's a small War Museum that is privately owned in the basement of the local RSL, he's desperate to make a visit. We've agreed to speak with someone who is an RSL & see if he can set us up with a tour.

We also had a lovely day out at the park, even if it was rainy & ran into more homeschooling friends at the library. The boys considered that a top notch week even if they did have to do multiplication & division drills every day & spelling.

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Dawn said...

Awesome! I love the trade cards. You all have so much fun learning each week.
Blessings, Dawn