Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 16

Slowly, but surely, we're finding a new normal as we settle back into routines around here. We've had our ups & downs last week, but it was another reasonably productive week for us. Of course any week that ends with the boys having a clean room is a productive week in my book!

We're drawing to a rapid end with the Civil War & will have officially wrapped it up by the end of this week. It's always fun to end a study, even if the learning of that topic goes on for many weeks afterwards.  I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing a lot more about the Civil War, & every other war, Jayden reads about for years to come.

I tried something new with the spelling this week, basically turning each lesson into a slide show to keep things moving along now that both boys are using Sequential Spelling. I'll explain how I did it later, but in short I'm really pleased with how it worked! The boys thought it was super cool to see their spelling lessons on the ipad too.

We're into Mark now, & the boys informed me I had too many bookmarks in my Bible, which are oddly missing from the picture. I had to check what they were talking about & we counted out 6 different book marks which caused a lot of laughter around the table. We're also reading through Psalms & Chronicles right now too. I was really nervous to spend more time reading directly from the Bible with the boys instead of our Timeline"ing" through the Bible, but honestly I love it so much more!

Morgan started reading the Bad Beginnings to me while I make dinner at night. The book isn't truely that thick, he's got a 3-in-one volume in his hand. Somedays we make it farther then others, it depends on how early I start dinner. I mentioned the book was turned into a movie, all though they never made it past the first book, so he's pretty eager to read the book & then see the movie.

Excuse the blur here.. We started online art lessons via Mark Kissler's website. He's very fun & the boys adore watching the videos & trying their hand at it. We had a rough start because when it comes to art Jayden is a bit of a perfectionist & struggles to really dig in. I refused to let him off the hook, despite the fact that it should have been a totally fun project. I'm glad I didn't, because once he put his mind to it, he did an amazing job. Now, he thinks the videos are really fun & can't wait to get to them.

Here's our finished work on Day One of the videos.Top Row L-R Mine, Morgan's. Bottom Row L-R: Morgan's second one, Jaydens first attempt.

Jayden's second attempt all colored in. He added the extra "baddies" to the picture as an afterthought. Isn't it fantastic? I love that each of his Ninja Eggs have a letter on their tums to represent that they are some kind of superheroes. Everyone who's seen his picture has really loved it which has inspired him to keep going.

We hit the park three times last week, one was an after-thought while we were all ready out, but the weather was so nice considering how miserable it's been. The second time was with our local home ed group, & the third time was  just us hanging out before we picked up Mr S who wanted to take pizza home to consume while we watched footy. My boys were delighted to meet two little girls at the park that particular day who looked Asian. The little girls asked them if they were from here due to the boys accentss. The boys asked the girls if they were from Japan. All four of them said, "Oh, I hate when people ask me that!!" They started laughing & commiserating how annoying it is for people to think you don't live here just because of how you sound or look. Considering the girls were both younger then my boys it was such a funny conversation to listen to. Needless to say they all became fast friends in their commiseration & we're delighted to be the very last children to leave the park for the night.

There was dog walking & Scooter riding, not sure why this picture turned out blurry or why the dog looks like he's done something naughty. Our dog is so crazy that we don't have to know what he did to know he's been up to no good. He'll simply walk around with his tail between his legs. Then again, he gets very mopey if we call him Ronald too, the name he was given before we adopted him.

We had an impromptu lesson at the local luggage store. I needed one large case to take to the states with us, & most of ours have the wheels popped off. Due to the fantastic sale they were having in town I popped in to pick one up. The sale was x% off. Having a quick flash back to our trip to the butcher last week who was lamenting with another customer that most people have no idea that 50% off means half price & so on, I asked the boys what fraction the percentage we got off was while the lady went in the back to find us our case. The boys passed, the lady failed. It was amusing, & we were content to take the window display case.

We also had the most amazing field trip this past week which tied in beautifully with our Science lessons. Our local museum was wrapping up a Biology Exhibit that was totally hands on. The boys have raved about it since our visit. I took heaps of photos that I'll be posting soon, the boys are very eager for Gram to see all the gross stuff they did.

We didn't have a lot of hands on things with our Civil War stuff this week, but that's because we're just finishing off projects & books. We wrapped up Turn Homeward, Hannalee! which was just a fantastic story to read. It's about a little girl who works in a Georgia Mill making cloth for the Confederate Army. The town is taken captive towards the end of the war when things are getting desperate. Everyone in the mill was considered a prisoner despite the fact that most of the people employed were woman & children. The Union rounded them up & kept them in the city square for 5 days until more Union soldiers arrived & took them to another town which also had more mill workers in it. The workers stayed there 3 days & were then sent by train all over the north. After that the factual side of the novel becomes more fiction as the author couldn't find out what happened to the people after that. We really enjoyed the book & as a northerner who relocated to the south it really opened my eyes to some of the hostility that can be shown to a "Yankee".

And that was our week, all wrapped up.

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