Friday, July 6, 2012

Sonlight IG

At long last our 2012 Core showed up! The upside was, that Sonlight supplied me with samples so it didn't totally hold up our school year. The downside was that when the updated core arrived, it was massive. Way bigger then the core from a year ago that I had bound, which made me really glad I got the Big Blue Binder to put it in.

Unfortunately, the Big Blue Binder {BBB} is so stinking big & heavy it made keeping it close by a tad difficult. I asked fellow Sonlight users what their solutions were, & it was really interesting to hear the many different ideas out there. In the end I went with the typical "working binder", which simply means I pulled a few weeks aside to have in a smaller notebook to work with.

Which means I can keep the working binder in our school tote so I can quickly grab it & go when we decide to take school outside, on the road, etc. Truthfully, I was keen to bind it up, but the size of this Core worried me because I was pretty sure it would end up falling apart.

I used one of these nifty binders that has clear page protectors inside. You can add & subtract the pages as needed which is nice. This particular one had a clear pocket on the front which is perfect for storing our map in!

Tada, the map is folded & meant to fit into the BBB, but it also fit perfectly in the little pocket on the front of my notebook. Which means it's really easy to remember to point out the places we are reading about as we read each day. So much so, that the boys will request to look at it if I don't show them anything.

We put in several weeks worth of plans, the timeline list, the scope & sequence, & the book list. The later bits are all in the back where the schedule & notes are all in the front. So far it's working for us, the smaller working binder is really so much easier to open & read while we're working along which I love. Things may chance next year when we've got two Cores going though.

I was worried about having the crazy planner inside the page protectors because it's difficult to write on, mark off, & all sorts of other things, but I've been keeping track of what we do in another manner so in the end the page protectors didn't matter! As for the keeping track, that'l have to wait for another day, but it's all in preparation of Morgan creeping ever closer to highschool. So far the method we're using is really fun & very easy!

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I'm just saying: said...

I'm heading into my second year with SL. It's so exciting to see how flexible SL is. Most people assume that if they get a boxed curriculum they won't have any flexibility and this just isn't the case.
Thank you for sharing your experience.