Sunday, July 15, 2012

Science Museum

Coming down the esophagus to the board game
Two weeks ago we met up with our home ed group for the first time in ages to head to the local science museum. They had a Biology display on which was perfect for our science curriculum this year.

If you've never been to this science museum there are two things to note. One, the director of this museum is absolutely amazing, & totally into his job. Many times when we've gone by ourselves this guy has followed my kids around or assigned someone to follow them through & answer every single question they have. The museum is also always hands on.

This particular display came up from New Zealand which caused a ripple of laughter around the room as the director briefed us on how things would work & when he'd call the kids back for a few science experiments.

Incase you don't know why there was laughter.. Think of the New Zealand/Australian thing like the Canadian/American thing. Know do you get it? Lastly, this post is going to be a major overload of pictures.

The main exhibit was a huge board game. In order to play on the board game you had to remove your shoes & climb up these steps & go through that giant mouth. Morgan is demonstrating what the giant mouth he's climbing into is doing.

Once on the board game the children took turns throwing the dice & doing as the board game instructed. Most squares had information written on them about digestion & then an extra step to fulfil. Notice the funny lines on the pictures near the words? Each time the kids stepped on the square it had a sound effect to go with it.

crawling through the small intestines to the large intestines halfway through the game
You know what this is right? It's how they "exited" the board game..

Out of the game into the stinky Loos..

The loos contained toilet seats & once you lifted the lid you could find quirky, gross, & interesting facts hiding beneath them. The boys found the pictured fact quite funny & wanted proof of where they'd seen it.

Each student was given a sheet to encourage them to read & look at everything. The Director explained it to them as a Treasure Hunt. The boys started out dutifully filling there's out, but then asked me to record the information they collected as they kept exploring.

Yes, we climbed through a giant nose, & yes my child hung from the nose hairs..
Another gross fact they needed for their sheets.. 
This tested how great or poor your lungs were..

Excuse the blur, this photo is heavily cropped.. Halfway through our time there the Director {pictures above} had the children come back in the little meeting room for an experiment on how digestion works. Morgan volunteered to help with the second part of this experiment & had to grind up food, help digest it, & in essence make poo. There was a whole lot of laughter in the room, & a parent next to me was desperate to remember every step to replicate this back at home. There are 4 different piles of ick on the tray, each one represents a different part of digestion.

This skeleton was near the exit & Morgan was really smitten with it..
This was in the senses booth, you had to work a pump, then sniff the clowns breath.
Demonstration about muscles..

A quick video that demonstrates how your muscles work

Towards the end of our time there the man pulled the children back in again & showed them an eyeball model. He explained a few main parts of the eyeball & then provided the children with lollies to make their own. The Marshmallow was the eyeball {US mallows would have worked better as they are considerably thicker, you can find them on rare occasions here as campfire marshmallows}, the musk lifesaver is meant to be the iris I think, the half jellybean is the lens, & the red licorice is the nerve stem.


Sheryll said...

How fun! I'm going to tell our science museum about this, maybe the display will work its way here.

Tracey said...

That looks like a lot of fun!