Monday, July 30, 2012

Rainy Days

It's that time of year again where it rains more then it shines. Thursday was one of those days, & Jayden was running to the door every two minutes to check on how much it was raining. He doesn't like rain, for one thing, & secondly he was busy cruising through his school work so we could go to park day. He was worried his plans would be foiled.

Yeah, totally ignore the beach umbrella laying in my yard. Oh Jayden, what would we do without that child? He was desperate to jump on the trampoline & he'll do so pretty much regardless of the weather, but Morgan wasn't keen to be outside if it was sprinkling. Wednesday was one of those days. I look out the window & Jayden is jumping on the trampoline with the giant beach umbrella. Morgan joined him, eventually.. Clearly they forgot to put the umbrella back in the shed when they were done.

And no, I don't buy my boys pink balls. That's our dog's ball, who's also a boy, but when it comes to dog toys I go for hardcore stuff. That dog can do in a toy in minutes in his determination to retrieve something from within it. That ball is a hard plastic & he has to roll it around to drop out treats. It keeps us entertained, & him, while we're doing school. The only thing funnier is when we chuck out mostly peanut butter jars {Thanks RJ!} for him to lick clean. He can't reach the very end of it, but the Currawong that has decided he loves us does. Sometimes his mate Matilda comes along, but she's not nearly as brave as he is.

He comes up to our door every single day & peers in at us to see if we'll give him anything. We never do, but the pet feeding station is at the back door & he looks around to see if anyone spilled anything. We don't mind, & we're kinda intrigued to see if they'll nest nearby & hatch any little ones to visit the yard, wouldn't that be fun? We seem to be a bird sanctuary because we're about the only house in the neighborhood without a cat. Cats don't visit our yard too often because our dog is psycho when it comes to cats. Seriously psycho. I think the only thing that riles him more is either ducks or the kids wrestling & not allowing him to wrestle with them. 

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