Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Phone Dump

Last week was a rough week, emotionally speaking, & school was hit or miss at times. I walked in the lounge room to see what the boys were up to & they were deep in play with their mega castle, the rewards of Morgan winning the Lego Competition.

We popped into the library so the boys could restock & checked out the current display in the foyer, it changes often. There was this nifty camera on display which we snapped a picture of to send to Mr S who was at work. There was also a display for the Queen, & the one book the boys were interested in turned out to be a personal loan, not a library book. I'm pretty sure the librarians freak out each time my kids check out the new displays..

A package arrived last week which caused quite a bit of excitement around here, as always. Turned out to be a birthday gift for Jayden from his Gram in America. He asked me to take a photo of him straight away & send it to everyone, especially her.. "on facebook Mom!"

I was standing in the kitchen trying to make dinner one night when Morgan walks in limping with his beach stick. He walks into the dining area & asked me to snap his photo. I still have no idea why, but it really made me laugh which is nothing compared to what Mr S did when he saw the photo.

Jayden's scooter lost a bolt & on our last walk the wheel fell off, much to his horror. So we stopped by the Tipp shop to see if they had another, they did! Which was the perfect excuse to hit the walk track nearby for a stroll.

The Mighty Beans made an appearance last week during read alouds. Morgan invented all kinds of games for his to play which were highly entertaining to watch. They had an entire mega game worked out before they put them up at the end of the week. Which is not to say they can't play with them anymore, but to say that come Sunday evening I ask that all toys & things be cleared away so we can start Monday with a clean house.

The Snap Circuit set made an appearance again. This little set-up required you to move your hand back and forth over the black circle in the bottom lefthand corner. The closer you got the lower the noise, the farther away the higher the pitch. They had it put together & couldn't figure out why it was working & asked for help to double check their work. They'd left off one piece.

Friday evening Mr S & I were laying around watching Footy while the boys played "fishing" on the back of the couch. One would throw a string behind the couch with a bulldog clip on it & the other would hook something on. While Jayden was hooking something on the handle on the clip flew off & caught him in the eye. Think paperclick thin metal. We knew it was scratched when after getting him calmed down he wouldn't get up & move. I had no gauze or patches in the house so I folded up a piece of fleece & taped it to his head with my PT tape. Unfortunately, that tape was a doozy to get off in the morning when I finally got him a proper patch. Upside, by Saturday evening he was able to go without the patch.

Saturday evening we had family over for dinner & we pulled out a few games to play. Ticket To Ride, also being the package Jayden received earlier in the week, was the game of choice. Team Yellow aka Naughty Boys went a little crazy on Team Red aka Old Ladies & next thing we knew train cars were standing on end. You'd never know Team Yellow was two grown men..

I woke up Sunday incredibly late after a poor night of sleeping. This is what I saw when I woke up! Jayden bounced into the room & said, a tad loudly, "Oh! You're finally awake, quick take my picture!" I obliged him.


Tracey said...

Sounds like a funny guy!

Bright Eyed Girl said...

My son wants to play with your boys :) Joshua, my 8 yr old, loved all these pictures :)