Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's Official...

It's official, the boys have so much in their timeline notebooks that we had to get some new notebooks! We popped into our local office supply store to get two more identical notebooks to what we had, only to discover once we put all our Civil War notebooking papers in we were once again at maximum capacity. Whoops! We shifted more papers to the other notebook for now, but I'm pretty sure once Morgan wraps up Ancients year after next he'll be up to three notebooks. In the mean time we still have an awful lot of stuff to fit in them for the rest of this year!

Morgan is crazy excited for the Home Education Inspector to come this year so he can show her all his amazing work. That is, I suppose, if all the papers don't fall out between now & then. He can be incredibly rough on his papers so we had a lesson {sad but true} yesterday on how to turn large chunks of the timeline notebook without yanking on the papers causing them to tear. 

Like that cover on Morgan's notebook? He's crazy about it, all though I still think it would be better themed to go with a geography notebook, but if he likes it that's all that matters! It was a gift back at a local "cheap shop" for $1. I picked it up because it looked like a piece of luggage with stickers from all over the world on it. I'd actually intended it for him as a cover for a geography notebook he'll be making next year, but when he spotted it he asked if he could use it for his lovely Timeline Notebook. 

Jayden's using the cover that came with the Timeline Notebook, & he's pretty miffed that he doesn't have a clever cover like Morgan does. I've been on the lookout for other fun ways for him to cover his notebook, but we haven't been out much for me to spot much of anything. Generally we pretty them up with a bit of scrapbook paper, but I haven't felt like hitting that shop either. Pretty sad when the girl who owns it lives across the street from me, think I could ask her to bring us back a few samples? Naw, me either.


Sheryll said...

I'm curious as to how many rings are in you binder. Since moving to Australia I haven't been able to convert to anything but the 3-rings!

Kendra said...

I use 3 ring binders if/when I can. Those timeline notebooks are indeed 3-ring binders. I can only get them at the local Office Supply shop though, can't get them at k-mart or anything crazy like that.

I couldn't do two rings. Stuff kept ripping & then on top of it, I could never get all the holes lined up. So I broke down & purchased a 3 ring hole punch & 3-ring binders to go with it. Otherwise, I use those nifty Office One things they sell at K-mart with the cool page protectors you can slide stuff into. But those aren't practical for anything you want to write on or look inside of, etc. :D