Saturday, July 21, 2012

HSITW/Sonlight Rematch

I shared a quick match-up of the Sonlight Core E/4 earlier this year & it worked great for us with the Civil War when we were using our 2002 Edition what with the delay of the release of the 2012 editions. However, once our 2012 edition arrived it showed that our original plans weren't quite as well matched up as they could be with the 2012 edition of Core E/4. I sat down and reworked it, because it was driving me absolutely insane.

This layout jumps around a bit more, but the idea was to keep the lessons from HSITW matched up with what was being covered in the Landmark Book. Sometimes we chose not to read the Landmark book if we've all ready covered it in the HSITW cd, but I think there's a lot coming up in the Landmark book that goes a bit more in depth then the HSITW cd does. Thus, I wanted to keep everything on the same theme as best I could.

As a side note, there will be no lessons for 5, 10, 15, 20, or, 22-25. The first three mentioned are scheduled as catch-up days on the cd. They do have recipes in those Lessons though, so if you've never used the HSITW cds make sure you take a look at those! 22-25 are wrapping up the study, so they've scheduled time for you to assemble your notebook & lapbook, as well as time for a party to wrap up the overall study. It also appears I've accidentally forgotten to jot down when we'll be doing Lesson 7, whoops!  It should be listed on Week 17, Day Two. I'd better go mark my schedule!

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