Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Books

Have I mentioned how much I love Lynn Austin's books? It's true, I do. They are just so good. The first one I read was called Candle In the Darkness, & it was book 1 in a Civil War Trilogy. I actually listened to it via Audible. Needless to say I listened to the other 2 as well.

Each one tells the story of the Civil War from the viewpoint of someone different. The first is from the view of a young lady who lives on a well to do Southern Plantation. They own slaves & she even has a mammy & all that.  Book one takes place mostly right in Virginia. The second book in the series is written from the view point of a Northern Girl who has servant not slaves, but is as equally spoiled. Book Two, Fire By Night, takes place in the North, in hospitals, & out on the battle field a bit as well where we also meet a girl who has disguised herself as a boy to join the fight.  Book Three, A Light To My Path, follows the path of two slaves. One who gains his freedom & fights for the north, the other who isn't brave enough to seek her own freedom. All together they made an amazing telling of the time period. They are Christian Fiction, so there's plenty of that in there as well.

Until We Reach Home is the telling of three sisters who immigrate to the US from Sweden. It's another delightful read about how each sister finds her own place. It's littered with Biblical points of view & a whole lot of history. A Proper Proposal is another of her books that I've read, & it's set during the time frame of the Woman Suffragettes & the Chicago World Fair. It's just as good as the other four I've mentioned.

I just picked up Wonderland Creek which is set during The Great Depression, the very time period the boys are currently studying. I can't wait to dig into it, because I'm certain it will be just as fantastic as her other books. I also remembered I have While We're Apart both on Kindle & Audio which is set during World War II time period. Can't wait to read that one too!

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Michele said...

I love Lynn Austin books! They are so good!
God's and Kings by Lynn Austin is currently a free Amazon book if you don't already have it!