Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fun Finds

Last week our local grocery had cauliflowers on special for $1.50. I picked quite a few white ones up, & my boys were really disappointed I didn't take orange or purple. Considering they don't eat cauliflower unless I disguise it as say rice or some other food I was a little surprised by their request. When I shared on Facebook what we'd found, Mom asked me what they tasted like. I told her I had no idea as I hadn't purchased any. Then I said if I went back & saw some I'd pick them up.

We picked some up & were going to have then for tea when I remembered I was suppose to go to my mother-in-law's for dinner. So Morgan & I whipped up a quick toss salad which was much tastier then that picture might lead you to believe. It also had more lettuce in it then iceberg despite what the picture shows.. Morgan was really intent that we put some of the cauliflower in, so I steamed some of each color up & tossed them in the bowl. Funniest part was, Morgan tried it & decided it tasted like normal steamed cauliflower, which he doesn't like. Jayden wouldn't even bother to try it, "because it's cauliflower!" Mr S doesn't do salads, & my mother-in-law prefers her steamed veggies mushy compared to the way I like them. So basically, I got to eat the whole bowl of salad. Hey, it could be a whole lot worse..

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Phyllis said...

Raw cauliflower is good in a salad, too.