Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cracking Codes..

Morgan loves codes & cyphers. I get notes all the time in code & have to request a cypher to even come close to cracking them. So, when I stumbled on a cute code that I'd never seen before I filed it away to try on him! I was actually planning to come up with all sorts of codes to leave him notes all summer long, but on Saturday I decided to give it a try.

I was sitting at the learning table getting pregame jitters {yeah, & that was for a footy match we were going to watch not play!} when I wrote out his name in the code. I put the cypher on a separate piece of paper & informed him I had a code for him. He played with it for 15 minutes before Mr S & Jayden joined him.

Mr S was on the right track, but he over complicated the situation. It was funny though, because Morgan picked up really quickly that Daddy was overcomplicating it. Morgan pointed this out, but Mr S was doubtful so they debated it out both giving their reasonings when Jayden says, "I'm pretty sure she probably just wrote something like Morgan." Talk about funny!

Morgan verified that Jayden was correct by appropriately cracking the code in the end, & then wrote out something for Jayden to crack. Yeah, it said Jayden. ha! Now that he understands how to crack the code I might have to leave him some longer notes.

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