Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Civil War Timeline

We spent last week wrapping up our Civil War study as we had a few straggling projects to deal with, including our big timeline. While we do love, & use, our timeline notebooks I don't like to put each & every one of the timeline pieces on the divider pages because it would literally overfill just one divider!

Instead, we work with the timelines provided in the HSITW Time Traveler packs. The only thing is, that the accordian file folding, while fun & clever can sometimes have a poor effect in a notebook we use often. Which is to say, that when a child with less then gentle tactics flops open his notebook the timeline can spill out. We've taken to keeping those nifty little things inside page protectors, because not only does it keep them in place I kinda have a thing for page protectors.

This time, though, I really wanted to change it up a bit & all week there was a file folder laying on our kitchen counter. Someone folded the crazy thing into quarters & every time I saw it, wondering who was responsible for it so I could ask them to put it away, it made me think of a book.

Which was my inspiration for turning a few file folder into our old reliable mini lapbook forms so we could tuck our timeline inside of it. The downside to this is that you can't see what happens Across Four Aprils in the blink of an eye, but it works for us & you can still see where things fell as long as you glue your pages in order inside the book.

Another little secret, or is it quirk?, about my kids is that they love the HSITW timeline, but they prefer them to be precolored. I know, crazy huh? It happened because we also had some Winter Promise timeline pieces in our home, & they were beautifully done in watercolor. So, on Friday while my kids were running around like crazy people I colored in one full timeline. I did have them sharpen pencils as needed & then, when I couldn't take one more child running through the house screaming, "No, I did not!" I made them sit down & color the covers for their books while we chatted about the various books we've read on this time period.

My guys are very proficient with technology, so I set them the task of running off copies of the colored timeline while I rounded up some nifty cutting tools. We all set about cutting around the exterior of each timeline page. There are black lines around it where you are meant to connect them to each other, so this was pretty easy to do. Then I cut down the file folders {it took three for each timeline} down to the size we wanted.

The cover is suppose to be for the Civil War Lapbook, but we glued all our lapbook pieces onto the back of notebooking pages, then I had the boys cut them out & glue them as desired to the front of their notebooks. Instead of punching holes directly in the filefolder I cut thin strips of file folder & folded them in half. Punch them, then tape to the file book. Easy Peasy.

Notes: Specific directions for the mini lapbooks can be found here. When you cut the trip of paper, make sure it's long enough to stretch across the prongs in your binder. That was another reason I added the blue strip of paper there, our timeline was now too small to stretch across the binder prongs. This was a quick & simple solution. I left the excess of blue strip sticking out because it made a nice bookmark of sorts for the kids to spot their Civil War section, a section they keep revisiting often around here because when they ask a specific question about what we've learned I'll suggest they go check a specific item in their notebook.

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