Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Review..

We shared our opinion on the Sonlight Curriculum we are using this year over at The Curriculum Choice. We'd like to think that we gave a rather detailed review in regards to what's included in the curriculum, what we love, & how we use it on a general basis.

We also included a run down on how Sonlight compares to Winter Promise, at least for us. One small fact I forgot to include in that comparison was that Sonlight can be resold, but Winter Promise can't. The Sonlight curriculum doesn't mind if you sell their curriculum when you are done with it. They do ask, that if you cash in on the update discount that you don't sell the IG, but in general there is no policy against selling their curriculum when you are done with it.

Winter Promise on the other hand, writes across the front of their manuals/instructor guides that they think you'll understand their request not to sell the materials they have personally developed/published. For some this doesn't matter, but for others that can eat pretty deep into their homeschool budget. 

Anyway, if your interested in seeing our comparison or reading our review you can find it here. If you're looking for more information about Sonlight you can obviously check out the Sonlight website, Sonlight Facebook page, or join their forum. If you're looking for how we use Sonlight you can find more of our Sonlight fun here or here, or simply use the labels on the left.

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