Thursday, June 14, 2012


One of the things Jayden had requested for his birthday was the crazy Zoku Popsicle maker. After a little checking around I found it on special so we purchased it for him along with the fun little face kit.

It takes 24+ hours to freeze that sucker the first time. I popped it in the freezer, in it's box, & I think the styrofoam didn't help it in the freezing process. So I removed it from the box & left it in the freezer. Then we put it back in the box, wrapped it up & gave it to him. I think he kinda knew what it was considering it was cold.

Our first batch of popsicles wasn't a raging success, but then I don't cope well with picture instructions instead of words. So we considered it a trial & error process & moved on. By day two we knew the slices of fruit for the faces needed to be reasonably thin or they wouldn't get in the popsicle mold. We had a bit too much fun cutting out funny faces!

Once we got our silly faces in the machine {very easy by the way as long as you fruit isn't too thick} then we filled it up with some breakfast juice we had on hand. I really wanted to do something different then the juice, but I decided to with simple. It took longer then the 7-9 minutes it's suppose to for the popsicles to freeze, which meant we only got 6 popsicles made in total before our machine needed to go back in the freezer.

There were no complaints from the boys though, despite that sad look on Morgan's face. I think he was sulking because I told him not to use his harmonica while eating a popsicle. I think it would be pretty funny to get a face on each side of the popsicle, but I'm not sure if they'd fit in the machine or not that way. The boys, on the other hand, want to work on striped popsicles & some flag ones they spotted. Turns out there are a lot of extra tools you can get for this crazy machine, which we kinda all ready knew. We just went with the extra face kit. We've got some watermelon mixture in the fridge today to try out in the crazy machine, I'm excited to see how they turn out.


Dawn said...

That is beyond cool. I am asking for that for my birthday.
Blessings, Dawn

The Zookeeper said...

19Love that Popsicle!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!! XOXO