Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 15

Things are slowly returning to normal around here. Last week we were back to school & it was a welcome distraction for all of us.

We made our way through another set of books, some of which we'd been reading for a few weeks, like the Abraham Lincoln book. It was a fantastic & interesting read complete with tons of pictures from his life, the civil war {preview first a couple were a little gruesome}, & his assassination. The boys now feel they are on a first named basis with this man in history.

Behind Rebel Lines was quite a fascinating read as well. It's about a young woman who joins the Civil War as a man. She goes completely undiscovered & becomes one of their best spies!! She became ill & rather then be discovered she left & checked herself in at a hospital far from her base. Unfortunately she was gone so long she was considered a deserter, & it wasn't until years after she was married that she finally set out to have that charge removed from her "name". It's all a true story & much of the information in the book comes directly from the book she wrote about that time herself.

After reading the facts about Gettysburg I pulled this book off our shelf & we read it last week two. It gave an easier to understand view of the craziness of that battle. It's still hard to comprehend so many lives were lost over shoes. The book does have a sad part in it, which caught me completely off guard, but it was still an enjoyable story all the same.

We finished the book of Matthew last week, & thus wrapped up our page from Picture Smart with it. I really love that the little pictures on the page help us remember what the book was about, & breaks it down to remember what each chapter or specific verses are. Yes, the dots on the crown are intentional & all represent various sermons Jesus' gave. From L - R: M, J, K.

As of the end of last week we'd officially tackled 18 lessons in Sequential Spelling. While I adore the simplicity of Spellwell I noticed that the boys were passing their tests & acing their daily work, but none of it was being carried over into their everyday writing. I switched one child to Sequential Spelling & eventually the second one as well. The difference has been amazing. I can actually read many of the letters left laying around before having to ask, "What does ..... mean guys?"

The boys wrapped up several different notebooking projects all based on the Civil War. Jayden was most excited by the signal flag paper he did & was most upset when I said we needed to put things away for the day & he hadn't made his official flag yet. I absolutely loved the little chest they made at the top. What you can't see is that it opens up & you can pull medicine bottles out to see what kind of treatment sick or injured soldiers might have received during the war. The bowl there opens, the wooden box, & the bottles on the paper, all open up to help you understand more of the treatments used during that time. We also learned that it was the Christian Commission that seems to be more responsible for the typical Dog Tags that military men now wear. The original ones were made of wax paper & wax string & had identifying information on them so that when men were found they could contact families to let them know who was injured, deceased, or well.

The boys also made these fantastic little paper bags that showed what each solider would have carried with them during the Civil War.  Some more trivial then others, but all obviously important to them.

These pieces all slip inside of the bag! On the back of each one explains what it is. It was interesting to read that only the North seemed to care a little sewing kit with them to repair their uniforms. Something I'm not sure they would have actually had time for anyway!

They also continued to fill in their battle map to help them remember which side one which battles. It was also fun for them to refer to this map as we read books about the Civil war. Each one often takes place during only one or two of the small battles, but using this map has helped them see where the battles were. While they have no memory of it, they were also amazed to learn they'd been on some of the very mountains in TN that we read about it & in some of the cities that were mentioned & used as strongholds. 

Thursday we had a package to collect at the local shop/post office. The dog needed a walk & I needed to clear my head so we loaded up The Beast, the kids grabbed their scooters, & we set off. There's a walk track & reserve near the small shop. It was just before dusk when we set out so we didn't go to far, but it was enough for everyone to feel refreshed upon return, & just long enough for The Beast to manage to slip away from us & get covered in gack from the swamp.  We also had fun watching a Cormorant settle down for the night & managed to stir up a heron while scolding The Beast as we dragged him out of the swamp.

Of course we had math this week. Jayden tackled borrowing & Morgan long division. There was reading, Henry Huggins for Morgan & various titles for Jayden.  A library trip in there somewhere, & an RSVP to go with the local home ed group to the science museum in a few weeks time. We also started our Biology book, as it's now officially too cold to be studying insects. All in all a decent week back. 


Butterfly said...

That's an amazing week's work! Well done to you all!!

Sheryll said...

Where did all the notebooking/lapbooking pieces for the Civil War come from? Are they part of the Time Traveler cd's?

reader19 said...

What a great job your sons did on those Civil War projects!!!