Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lego Champ!

Morgan, as you've probably guessed, is huge on Lego. This kid is a Lego Freak. While he loves spending his money on kits his greatest joy is creating his own stuff.

This past summer he created several lego games that were tested on every member of the family. Another game that had 3 pages of instructions that were made into a scroll & then tested on the neighbors children. It was clearly a hit because there was only one minor squabble which was cleared up immediately by the neighbor's child when he read the directions to the game.

The downside is, it also means there are heaps of lego everywhere. I once caused this child tears {okay more then once} when I went into his room to clean it up because I'd gotten tired of waiting on him. I dumped 3 sacks of lego into the giant lego pool. He came running, stood in the doorway in horror, & then promptly burst into tears. On the upside, he's never agreed to clean up his lego again & failed to do so.

So this past Autumn he decided, again, to try out his hand with the annual Lego competition. He did so last year, and spent many years working on a replica of the Boston Tea Party. He spent so much time perfecting it that he never finished it in time for the deadline. This year he was certain he'd pull it off. He thought & thought & thought about what to make & decided on an ice cream truck. He made it so you could full open the back & even order sausages if you so desired. The giant thing on top is an ice cream cone. He didn't have enough brown cone shaped pieces to make it all a proper colored cone, & because the truck was white he went for a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone. Yum!

The side has a lovely little window where the Chef can serve people! Yes, the window lifts up & down on a hinge. The brick he chose to use for the serving counter was meant to look like a place where Chef could cook food! Oh, and the front actually has room for the Chef to sit in & drive!  This nifty creation won Morgan the State prize from Lego! He's so excited he can't wait to hear directly from Lego to know what his prize is.  Way to go Muggins MeGee!

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