Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hot Cocoa

Yesterday was cold, blustery, & very very wet. After our Farewell at the beach we treated the boys to hot cocoa at the local Chocolate Factory. They were very excited as we rarely go there, much less do more then try the free samples.

Don't you just love the two handled cups? I do. You can get hot cocoa in two different sizes & this is the smaller variety. We had a great laugh when the girl brought the boys drinks out because Jayden peeped in his cup & it was empty. His face fell until the girl picked up the small teapots they bring the cocoa in & poured some into his cup.

Jayden chose the normal hot cocoa while Morgan & Mr S chose the creamy vanilla. Sadly, I couldn't indulge as I'm allergic to milk, but if I had I would have been sorely tempted by the Hot Chilli variety.

The larger size comes in a nifty Aztec mug, aren't they cool? Yes, the come full to the brim with your choice of cocoa, & no you can't take the mug home. You can, however purchase them separately in one of the various areas where they sell chocolate & other little goodies.

Do you like his concentration look? Apparently it's hard work pouring your steaming hot cocoa into your fun mug while you debate the where abouts of the balloon you just released on the beach. Which was nothing compared to the concentration he gave the various switches on the wall, but then firmly decided, "I won't touch them because they might not really like that." Too true!

Not sure what he was thinking, most likely wondering where the piece of raspberry cake he & Mr S were suppose to share. Or why people put mustard on ham sandwiches {he thinks that's gross}, or all the things he hopes to do when he's in America. Which mostly consist of going to a Buffett style restaurant, hitting Lego Land if we agree, & telling Gram heaps of stories, & maybe laughing at photos of Mom when she was little. Ha!

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