Friday, June 22, 2012


I know some people get annoyed the dish drainer is full of clean dishes, but when I turned around last night & saw mine full it made me smile. Instead of seeing it as undone chore I saw something different. I saw the new pants & kitchen appliances Mr S had bought for me. I saw that a yummy {& healthy} lunch had been prepared, a special treat for the guys {because mine go insane if they don't get one at least once in a week}, but more then that it kinda made me feel normal. There's a lot of things that just don't feel normal right now, so it's nice that something made me fell that way. I'm pretty sure the guys in the house were pretty excited too, because there was a whole lot of squealing that, "Mom's making chocolate chip cookies, can you believe it!" "What, no way, she made you hot cocoa today too, are you tricking me?" Normal feels nice sometimes, doesn't it?


Phyllis said...

I feel exactly the same way!!

Butterfly said...

Yep, that dish drainer looks like it's full of blessings and special moments!!

Bright Eyed Girl said...

That is so lovely :)
Hey I just grabbed your button and added it to my blog :)