Thursday, June 14, 2012

Craft Therapy

I've been doing a lot of crafting around here lately. I think it's my need to keep busy right now that's driving me.

After finishing the Civil War Quilt I made a Pajama Monster, followed by a second one.

For the record, I still think the leg pieces are a bit fiddley & that if I were to make another hanging one I'd totally make the legs like the arms are made just making them a wee bit longer. It would save a bit of time & lots of energy to be sure.

If you look closely at the lighter monster you'll notice his feet aren't the same shape due to the leg issues I was having. No one notices though because I added handles & they hang from the kids bedroom doors. If you want to add a handle add it when you stitch the back to the front {last step of the project} & just go over the handle area a couple of times before proceeding. I also ignored the rule about not running your sewing machine over the zipper. My zippers were too long & I had to be sure to catch both ends in the seams. Plus, I think it makes the zipper look like it belongs a bit better to not have the official start & end.

The downside to all the crafting is the mess! Yeah, my craft room looked like this yesterday afternoon by the time I was done with the second pajama monster. Yes, that's a half deflated weird looking Dorothy the Dinosaur on the floor, & yes my fire alarm is laying on the table thanks for asking. The dinosaur gave her stuffing to those crazy pj monsters. It's been a long time since my boys have been into the Wiggles, which makes me wonder why on earth Mr S & I keep singing Wiggles songs.. As for the fire alarm, well if you missed it on Facebook I was having a Fire Alarm issue. This house is loaded with them & we removed one from the ceiling that was wired into the house because it wouldn't stop beeping. Then Tuesday I thought the hole/wires in the wall were beeping & I was on the verge of screaming when the Postie came. That's not important except I nearly dragged him inside to ask him if he could hear the beeping too before I called for help. As I walked back into my craft room after retrieving my package I looked up when I heard a beep & realised there was a second fire alarm less then a meter from the first one! Obviously it needed it's battery changed.

It didn't take me long to clean up though! I have another list of things to make too & I needed a clean room in order to think straight. Sad, but true. Funniest thing is, that room will probably be all most as bad by the end of today considering the long list of projects I have planned.

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