Monday, June 11, 2012

Civil War Quilt & More

I've been busy, amongst other things, with working on that Flag Quilt Jayden requested for his birthday. It was a relatively quick & simple quilt to work on if you ignore the fact that my head wasn't in the game a few times & that I had to put in & pull out the same set of stitches a half dozen times.

I still have a few little stars to hand quilt onto the blue fields, but Jayden really wanted to celebrate most of his birthday today as Daddy was home thanks to the Queen's Birthday. Thus, I happily wrapped up the quilt & presented it to him.

He was delighted with it, even if he all ready knew all about it. He was with me when I purchased the material, & he saw me working on it, but was never permitted to check out the entire/finished project at anytime.

There was much ooing & ahhing over it today when he was finally, at long last, permitted to view it, wrap up in it & inspect every single little detail of all the material.

It made the project even more worthwhile! I'm still not entirely sold on the gold material that separates the flags, but everyone who's seen it in person has fully enjoyed it & think it looks fine. Really it does, especially with the tan edge around it & then the nifty blue binding.

Excuse the blur, I took the photos with my phone. This is obviously the front side. I really love the way the blue binding pulled it all together.

The back, which was given a lot of inspection because he hadn't seen this material before. He was really excited to see all the flags. I quilted the rest of the quilt by following the seam on the flag stripes. I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Remember how he wanted that Union Jack throw too? I was all set to make it for him when I stumbled upon this material in the craft store. He was pretty insistent that I pick it up for him. One panel is enough to make four pillows, but I only ended up making three. Mostly because that was all the supplies I had to fill them with.

I contemplated quilting the Union Jack, but with the Civil War quilt & everything else that we've had on our plates I didn't. In the end I didn't care because I really loved the way the pillows turned out anyway.

I love this material too. I was actually planning to turn it into a messenger style back for him, I chose to use it for the cushions so I could make the panel of Union Jack's go farther! Now I just have to remember which shop I purchased it from so I can obtain a bit more. These were two projects that were really fun, but I'm equally glad to have wrapped up. Now on to other projects which are lined up for me!


The Zookeeper said...

Kendra you done a wonderful job. Such talent. I sure wish you was near to show me how!! XOXO

Butterfly said...

It's brilliant, but I especially adore the back of the quilt!! My son is just mad about flags. You've done a beautiful job!

Tracey said...

That turned out great! I would like one please.